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Loopline was born out of a real-life retention use case. With more than ten years of HR experience spanning over tech startups and leading public corporations, the loopline founding team knows the challenges that come with implementing a top-notch performance management system at every level.

The loopline tool is built in witness to the tremendous difference that well-executed performance reviews can make for employee development and satisfaction. Loopline shifts the focus back to the most important part of performance management: the actual feedback meeting.

Loopline Systems is based in the heart of Berlin, Europe's most innovative tech hub.

Meet loopline
Christian Kaller
  • Experienced in building and managing international startups
  • Passionate about the mobile and e-commerce space
  • Experience in management consulting and marketing for FMCG companies
Nora Heer
  • 10 years of HR experience, with a passion for building up systems and teams
  • Certified coach with a focus on leadership skills
  • Successful track record with both tech startups and major corporations

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