Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I test Loopline Systems?

    Yes, of course you can! Drop us a line (trial@loopline-systems.com) and we will set you up with a test account right away.

    Which browsers do you support?

    We support the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. We also support Internet Explorer 9.

    Won't I need to bring my computer to feedback meetings?

    Absolutely not. We believe that face-to-face meetings should be exactly that: face-to-face. All our feedback templates are formatted to be printed. After the meeting, you can even upload your handwritten notes to the corresponding feedback period.

    We like the questionnaires we're already using. Can I continue using something similar?

    In order to accommodate as many existing processes as possible, we built a handy form editor. It's a breeze to recreate your existing feedback forms for loopline. Additionally, you can also upload physical questionnaires and attach them to specific feedback periods. No information gets lost, and you can organize everything in one place.

    Will I get reminders about what needs to get filled out, and when?

    Yep. You'll get handy reminder emails, and you'll be alerted to your To-Do list right inside the system. Never miss a feedback deadline again.

    Any advice on how to best introduce Loopline Systems into our company?

    We designed loopline to be as intuitive as possible. That being said, we're here to help. There are some great implementation ideas over on our blog. If you have more specific questions or want to do a little brainstorming, shoot us an email at contact@loopline-systems.com! Happy to help however we can.

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